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What’s Cyberponcho.com about?

It’s is all about fun! This site is our newest project targeting funny pictures, GIFS, memes and all that craziness going around the Internet.

We try to keep this site as SFW as possible, if you find an image that belongs to you, please let us know and well give you the proper credit or we’ll remove it to your request. As the number of users grow we’ll do our best to keep a watchful eye for bad users and spammers.

Who is this Cyberponcho dude?

Some say he’s a ghost, some say he’s just a legend, an electronic demon that wanders through the Internet like it has no walls, but that’s all a bunch of bullsh!t (LMFAO)

Cyberponcho used to be a windsurfing instructor and beach bum back in his home country before he got fed up of paradise, threw everything away and move over to Germany where he now leads a ‘normal’ life.

How did you come up with this cyberponcho name?

Guess he can answer that better himself…

My name is Juan but my ex-wife used to call me ‘juancho’, one day during work a colleague heard it for the first time but she understood ‘poncho’ instead of ‘juancho’ and i was doomed! Everybody started to call me ‘poncho’ instead. In order to make it suitable for the cyberworld the logical step was to add ‘cyber’ to it and there you have it.

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